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Mark Walker

I’m the inbound marketing manager at Eventbrite, covering content marketing, social media, partnerships, SEO and events.

It’s my goal to efficiently grow the business by testing and utilising the latest best-practices in all of the above disciplines, from new strategic approaches to new tools. As I apply the theories and research that I read about on a daily basis, it gives me a unique perspective on what actually works out in the real world, and is helping me build up a comprehensive playbook of best-practices.

I also guest blog for sites including Content Marketing Institute, Enterprise NationSmarta, Business2Community, Social Media Today and Conference News.

In addition to this, I do a lot of public speaking, from company events like Brite Space and our How to Sessions, to industry-leading events like Enterprise Nation’s Startup 2015, Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Week, and UBM’s TFM&A and at training sessions with top brands like General Assembly and Steer.

Why WeLiveContent?

This is a great place for me to share insights and learnings from the interlocking worlds of content marketing, social media, partnership marketing, SEO and events – with a focus on the power of well crafted content and how it can help power business growth and enhance just about all of your marketing activities.

Like it (or not)? Want to chat? Or contribute? Email me hello [at] welivecontent [dot] com!

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