SEMRush Guest Post: 8 Places to Find Great SEO-Friendly Content Ideas

SEMRush published a guest post of mine this week, which shows 8 places you can find search friendly content ideas that answer your audience’s questions, and how to mine those places for the best ideas. Here’s a short extract:

“Great content ideas can come out of nowhere – in the shower, while you’re out jogging, watching the TV – but having flashes of inspiration isn’t really a solid content marketing strategy.

To make content marketing work and produce positive SEO results, the key is consistently finding the right topics to write about, and that means having a proactive plan to find new ideas on a regular basis.

What Makes for Good SEO Content Ideas

These content ideas should ideally do three things in order for Google to rate them highly:

  1. Match the intent of your target audience: Great content has to match the intent of your target audience. Are they looking to be entertained? Are they looking for inspiration? Do they want to buy now? If it matches up, you’ll start to see great results.
  2. Answer their questions: Great SEO-focused content ideas have to answer a specific your target person may have. If your content provides the best answer possible, there is every chance you can rank highly for this piece.
  3. Meet an existing demand: You don’t want to be creating content for non-existent questions, that’s a waste of time. You therefore want to orient your content creation ideas around questions that are already being asked by your target persona.

Note that I’ve not mentioned anything about content creation or distribution, because these are related but separate topics. This post is focused just on finding ideas that will work well for SEO-focused content.

8 Great Places to Find Questions to Turn Into Content

So, where do you go to find ideas that meet these criteria? Well, assuming we want to match the user intent of answering questions asked by our target personas, there are 8 great sites you can start with…” Read the full piece over at SEMRush!


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